You see a seemingly simple question on your way on the street. Something like: What is satisfaction? Or: How do we change? Somehow, you stumble upon it… The more you think about it, the more it becomes clear that the amount of possible answers is infinite. What would you say?

My idea is simply that: carry a sign with a question into different cities of europe and discuss with „normal“ people about it –people I just met randomly on the street–, who decide to approach me and get in touch. No experts giving a lecture, just a talk between two persons that is only defined by the starting question.

„Radio Pedestrian“ is open to welcome every word with a microphone, listen attentively and follow the stream of words with questions. I want to work on podcast episodes, that contain messages from people for people: a very personal, great amount of perspectives and experiences about changing philosophical topics that concern everyone of us.
On the contrary, it is also about me, the documenter, that while documenting, changes and gets documented, too. My personal travel is part of the story as well. Field recordings of special atmospheres, situations, and the urban soundscapes provide the dark matter under and between the words.

In times of increasing radicalism and strong division of society and countries we probably have to get more open and welcoming to other ways of thinking again. That‘s the initial idea of Radio Pedestrian: To stand with a simple sign somewhere at the street and to let people –whoever they may be– speak up through a public medium.


Street Radio

My public medium is the radio. Therefore my „street radio listening station“ comes into play, that only consists of a couple of headphones and a device that randomly plays back the interviews I already made. At a glance it is very clear what all of that is about: A big invitation to talk and listen. Radio Pedestrian is therefore a tiny radio station from people for people, that is only hearable at one spot at a time, but still –overall– reaches out to a big audience and recipients: The sheer mass of pedestrians passing by. Unlike a normal radio you can‘t change the frequency of Radio Pedestrian. You can only decide to listen, or not by taking or leaving the headphones.


Radio Pedestrian will also broadcast special live-shows online and directly over this website. For upcoming events check the main page!