Radio Pedestrian
Interviews from the street for the street.

Contribute an answer to the ongoing question here with a voice message! It will be streamed on the website. (except racial and discriminating content)
Also it will not be modified or cut down.

But please note: By doing so, you allow me to use the message in the stream on the website, the podcast, in any form of radio, sonic production or installation of the project Radio Pedestrian. I hereby declare to respect the effort and trust you offer me with your message. I won’t use it in any harmful way or hand it over to any other institution, except for the purpose defined above.
If you want to have your content removed, or deleted you can always contact me and I will do it.
Thank you so much!

Question? Don’t hesitate to send me a message by switching to text formular. (right under the Microphone Button)

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