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Interviews from the street for the street.

How do we change?

2020,Lockdown: The Corona virus is dominating the world and our lives. We have to do things differently now. We can not do what we want. We can not continue how we used to.

Now is the chance to calm down, rethink, see things from a new perspective, and talk about where we wanna go as a society. Surely, things are going badly wrong and everyone knows.

This dialogue has to get a public platform. We have to come out of our shells, our voices need to be heard. Radio Pedestrian dares to be all of that: A channel that unifies, displays all kinds of different facets of our society.

<<How do we change?>> This is the starting point of a conversation between many voices. A microphone conserved them for the time being. Where is this dialogue going? Which question will be at the end? We have to look for answers now.


05.-08.08.2021 – KURZ. Theaterspekakel #11 @ Kulturschlachthof, Jena

The KURZ.Theaterspektakel ist vacation-resort and field-laboratory for philosophical radio research. The Street<<Radio Pedestrian>> covers itselfs as local tour guide, who offers unique small tours in the area that are fit for one, maximum two persons.

15.07.-31.07.: Media Art-price exhibition of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar @ Galerie Eigenheim

The exhibition features the best final thesis works of the media art & design faculty of the bauhaus university 2021. Radio Pedestrian presents an interactive radio- und speech-Installation.

13.07.2021 | 18-20 Uhr: Wellenlängen. The art of radio @ Museum for Communication, Berlin

What means radio (for you)? A performative live-show in the inner yard of the museum for communication for the exhibition <<OnAir. 100Jahre Radio>>.


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