Radio Pedestrian
Interviews from the street for the street.

Where does your journey go?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen,
to the participatory radio studio paradise at the KURZ.Theaterspektakel! Our newly minted contributor Dave Liebeck is on the grounds of the Kulturschlachthof exclusively to interview you on the question "Where is your journey headed?"

The microphone of the vigilant journalist and amateur philosopher is at your disposal. The program is receivable worldwide! here on the website and currently (unfortunately only) in the toilets of the site. But still! We continue to work on solutions and arrange ourselves with provisional solutions. You are welcome, you are not alone!

The collected program is now available here on the website. Let yourself be fascinated, enchanted and inspired by the life journeys of other people...

At the 10th international wind art festival "bewegter wind" in Hessen

Sound installation for the 10th international wind art festival on the theme "change?!". Two telephone receivers rest on branch forks and can be taken. Recorded interviews resound from their shells with the help of a hidden battery-powered player. Two comfortable seats made of straw on the river bank are prepared and within reach of the listeners. Above them, the black radio flag flutters in the tree.

Meanwhile, an interviewer strides through the Diemel valley in a familiar manner to record further conversations and thoughts and feed them into the installation with a time delay. How do we change?

Headphone and speech-installation for the 13th Media-Art Award exhibition of the Bauhaus-University Weimar

On the outer wall of a black-wrapped announcer's booth is a headphone and a chair. Interviews, atmospheric street recordings and musical elements "Jingles/StationID" (Radio Pedestrian) are chained there in random order in a loop again and again. 

Inside is a voice desk with a mounted microphone including an instruction manual. Recording can be started by pressing a button. It is possible to associate freely, but also to respond to what has been heard outside. At the end of each day, the recordings of the cabin are fed into the installation.

"Wavelengths. The Art of Radio." Performance walk and broadcast for the Kommunikationsmuseum Berlin.

What does radio mean (to you)? A performative live show by students of the Bauhaus University for the exhibition opening of "OnAir. 100Years of Radio".

In advance: Radio Pedestrian opens an outdoor station of the Museum for Communication at Checkpoint Charly. People are asked there about their very personal stories and connections to the medium of radio, what significance it has in their lives, past and present. Is the age of linear broadcasting really already passé? The results were presented in the form of an audio piece. 
It was available live and linear in the webstream of and in presence via headphones for visitors to the event Wavelengths. The Art of Radio. in the atrium of the Kommunikationsmuseum.

In addition to Radio Pedestrian, interviews and performances/audio pieces by the artists Ioha and Tommy Neuwirth could be heard.

Weimar, in April 2050: Shift.FM

No one would have thought: in 2050, the world is no longer as it was...

We run in large circles around each other, side by side.

Pulling our lanes, pulling past each other in lanes.

Today, I am standing on the street once again, dear listeners of Shift.FM.

But no one talks anymore. No one talks.

I recall the times of meeting and hope to inspire you, dear listeners.

What you are now listening to is archive material from the year 2020...

A new question: How do we change?

2020, Lockdown: The Corona virus dominates the world and our lives. We have to do things differently now. We can no longer do what we want. We can not carry on as before. 
Now is the chance to calm down, rethink, look at things from a new perspective and talk about what path we might want to take as a society. Things are going badly wrong and everyone knows it.
This dialogue should go to a public platform. We have to get out of our shells. Our voices need to be heard! Radio Pedestrian dares to be all of that: a radio channel that unites; shows different facets of our society.
<<How do we change?>> That is the starting point of a conversation of many voices. For the moment, they have been preserved by a microphone. But where is this dialogue going? What question will be at the end? We have to look for answers...


05.-08.08.2021 – KURZ. Theaterspekakel #11 @ Kulturschlachthof, Jena

The KURZ.Theaterspektakel ist vacation-resort and field-laboratory for philosophical radio research. The Street<<Radio Pedestrian>> covers itselfs as local tour guide, who offers unique small tours in the area that are fit for one, maximum two persons.

15.07.-31.07.: Media Art-price exhibition of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar @ Galerie Eigenheim

The exhibition features the best final thesis works of the media art & design faculty of the bauhaus university 2021. Radio Pedestrian presents an interactive radio- und speech-Installation.

13.07.2021 | 18-20 Uhr: Wellenlängen. The art of radio @ Museum for Communication, Berlin

What means radio (for you)? A performative live-show in the inner yard of the museum for communication for the exhibition <<OnAir. 100Jahre Radio>>.


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