Radio Pedestrian
Interviews from the street for the street.


What means radio (for you)?

Radio Pedestrian starts from Checkpoint Charly and walks through the newly opened pedestrian zone "Friedrichstraße". The protagonists on the way tell stories related to radio. About morning routines and company; music, adorno and the mass media, stultification and their homes. In between a street light hums a song, a dog barks into the microphone and a gentle rain sprinkles on the leafs of an abandoned city tree.

How do we change?

No one would have thought: 2050 the world is not how it used to be.
We circulate in big curves around each other, side by side. We stay on our tracks...stay on our tracks and miss each other. 

Today I am again on the street, dear listeners of "". But noone is talking anymore...noone is talking! Hereby I commemorate the times of encounters and hope to inspire you, dear listeners! 
What you will hear now, is archive material from the year 2020...

What is satisfaction?

A bicycle journey from Finland to Germany, an audio-recorder and one question as fuel: What is satisfaction? The journey goes from Helsinki to Tallinn, Riga, Klaipėda, Danzig und eventually Berlin. In deep conversations and reflections there were found leads to the answer.  

Listen to: Interviews with characters I met on the way. What follows? A bunch of podcast-episodes; a greater story about a very personal search.

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