Radio Pedestrian
Interviews from the street for the street.

The KURZ.Theaterspektakel ist vacation-resort and field-laboratory for philosophical radio research. The Street<<Radio Pedestrian>> covers itselfs as local tour guide, who offers unique small tours in the area that are fit for one, maximum two persons. At a small interview-station at the area it seeks for attention. Are there interested minds, the first thing is to clarify in a personal talk: Where is the journey going? To plan the tour, expectations, desires and wishes are asked. Which equipment is still needed? Maybe everything happens on the way...

The shallow, deep, sometimes humoristic, sometimes serious short talks and encounters are being recorded (at consent) with the microphone. Podcast-episodes follow, that examine the area of conflict between <<vacation>> and <<journey>> as metaphorical term for life.
The episodes can be accessed online afterwards, or directly at the place in the form of a sound-installation, which consists of a telephone receiver.
Through it the tourists are told stories from unknown voices from other places. What awaits oneself outside. And which strategies there are, to survive and find a way.

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